Raw Hides Machines


Salting machine

Standalone machine that allows to salt raw hides up to 180 hides / hour, with a dosage of the quantity of salt and to stack them on pallets on one or more stations. The hides are introduced into the machine through an infeed belt, then they are transferred through the salting head and then stacked on the correct station. The quantity of salt spread on the hide can be adjusted through the control panel like all the other parameters of the machine. The excess salt is automatically recovered and reintroduced into the system, with the possibility of mixing new salt and used salt in the required percentages.


Desalting machine

Standalone machine that allows to remove the salt from raw hides and transport them to the operators. The hides are gripped to the clamps of the machine which, by flapping, removes the excess salt for subsequent preparation for selection by weight and shipment. The hides are released, stretched or folded in half, on a table equipped with a weighing system. This allows a very accurate selection by weight, to the transmission of data to the customer’s computer system for maximum product traceability. The salt removed from the hides falls on a grid and conveyed into an auger system that transports it to the recovery container.


Selection chain

Evolution of the TORNADO® concept this overhead conveyor chain is designed for the selection by weight of raw hides, significantly increasing productivity, quality of workmanship, ergonomics, and operator safety. The use of oversized clamps allows a secure grip of the hides without piercing them. The performing layout of a typical chain includes hooking, a cleaning / trimming station, weighing, and automatic unloading divided by weight categories previously defined by the customer. This allows a very accurate selection by weight, and the transmission of data to the customer’s IT system, in real time, for maximum product traceability.


Over the years Feltre S.r.l. has also created many special machines dedicated to raw hides, studied and designed together with customers to satisfy a particular need. Cutting / crouponizing tables, automatic folding machines, complete systems for managing the fridge operations and many others have been created.